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ROST history

20 years of printingToday ROST printing house is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels of the various versions and destination. This status ensures that the company owns printing equipment, which are a fundamental element of flexographic printing machines.

Start printing company conducts activities since 1994. The first equipment that was purchased s/h hot stamping machines made in the USA "Markem 777" and "Markem 2DA", which allows to produce self-adhesive labels on paper and film in small editions.

A year later, the company buys another small printing machine "Paxar 8500" for the production of woven labels. In 1996 he was bought by the first flexo printing machine "Edale EM 180" manufactured by England .

Next was bet on flexo and began purchasing flexographic printing machines company "Gallus" ( famous Swiss manufacturer).

1999 — 8-color printing machine "Arsoma EM 280" and rewinder inspection equipment of the English firm "ABG".

2004 — 8-cell printing machine "Gallus EM 280"

2006 — Print-winder complex QUADRA 370 + Vectra ( Italian production ); flexo machine "Gallus EM 280"

2008 — 10-cell machine "Gallus EM 280" new generation options: automatic register, de- and relamination, cold  and hot stamping, revolution canvas prints on the adhesive layer, rotary stencil, embossing, laminating, sheet vyklad.

2009 — 10-cell flexo machine "Gallus EM 340" with options that allow to produce screen printing, hot and cold foil, fabric coup, stamping, de- and relamination.

Along with printing presses and modern inspection rewinder, the machine was purchased for the manufacture of complex digital photopolymer stencil shapes.

2010 — 9-cell flexo machine «MarkAndy 430" (U.S. manufacturer) with stations delamination - relaminatsii , coup canvases , cold stamping.

2012 — 8-cell flexo machine «MarkAndy 430" (U.S. manufacturer).

2013 — The acquisition of the digital machine «Indigo 6600 " with the Post printing complex «ABG Digicon» ( selective UV varnishing , die-cutting, embossing , laminating, hot and cold foil , personalization data ).