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Why choose us?

Right choice business partner is one of the fundamental components of success. Especially when it comes to supplier labels is a parameter which, on the one hand, defines the image component of the item, it allows the client to accurately position and making a purchasing decision, and on the other is inextricably linked to the production process, where the child, including depends on the functioning of the business.

Specialists Printing ROST decided to collect on the same page the most obvious answers to the question why reliably profitable and convenient to work with us:

Flexible pricing

Label is an unique product and strictly individual. Therefore, the calculation cost of circulation is a difficult task, too many parameters affect the price: material, size, color, edition quantity, print run, finishing options. Our task is to make the best offer to the client , based on its needs and the rational-technical approach to production. Rest assured, our managers, designers and engineers, based on the wealth of experience will be able to offer the best option and competitive quotation. And the possibility of deferral of payment consignment or use different financial instruments will do the job with us as reasonable.

Operational deadlines and order delivery 

Through constant standby own stocks of raw materials, order of any complexity is ready to enter into production almost immediately after approval. A wide production capacity to minimize the time posing as a work order, and printing itself. In addition, the versatility of printing equipment will perform the most difficult finish in one cycle with a stamp. Own logistics service will provide the exact order within the specified period , which also contributes to the favorable geographical location of the printer is in the vicinity of Moscow, in the center of the Volga Federal District and at the same time in the daily availability of the Urals.

Newest and regularly replenished range of printing machines

Partnership with the leading global manufacturers of equipment and materials.

ROST printing house is a modern production of European level, working in a closed technological cycle. One of the most important strategic objectives Publishing is consistent building capacity and expanding the range of opportunities offered to the client. Our company has advanced equipment, capable of meeting the needs of the most demanding customer.

At present the park equipment consists of:

8-bit and 10-olor presses Swiss manufacturer of a new generation «Gallus», with options that allow to produce screen printing, hot and cold foil, revolution canvas prints on the adhesive layer, stamping, de- and relamination, vyklad sheet.

Flexo machines "MarkAndy" (U.S. production) with the ability to use web widths up to 430 mm.

The latest digital machines "HP Indigo 6600" with the Post printing complex "ABG Digicon" (selective UV varnishing, die-cutting, embossing, laminating, hot and cold foil, personalization data).

In the production of self-adhesive labels printing ROST uses high quality materials the world's leading manufacturers such as: Fasson, Raflatac, XSYS, Sericol, Sun Chemical, Spilker, Kocher+Beck, Mobil, DuPont, 3M, Ritrama, Akzo Nobel, Kanzan, Scandstick, Treofan Group and Kurz.

100% quality control of labels

Consistently high quality products Publishing GROWTH confirms and provides an absolute measure of control. It is achieved by a combination of automated systems and internal quality management system ISO 9001:2000, which is confirmed by the certificate.

Main stages of control:

  • Quality inspection consumables;
  • Instrumental color control software distribution sample;
  • Automatic control of alignment;
  • Control adhesion of the paint and foil embossing;
  • Quality lamination;
  • Conformity check edges;
  • Control labeling and packaging products;
  • Used standards: ISO 9001 : 2008 (Confirmed : 2013 , № QMZ 01250/QM), TU 9570-001-81712294-2008 , internal quality control instructions , complemented by individual customers' requirements.

Entire cycle from one supplier

Orientation to the client's interests, a clear indication of the need to provide the full range of services. This option will always be the most convenient for the customer and profitable. Also, really serious supplier should have the same resources to the effective implementation of all stages of the creation of printed materials. Closed production cycle provides the shortest way from the idea or task to finished products output.

We professionally provide:

  • Design;
  • Prepress;
  • Manufacture of printing;
  • Flexo and digital printing;
  • Postpress;
  • Protection against counterfeiting;
  • QA;
  • Rewinding , packaging;
  • Storage;
  • Delivery, shipment/

Integration of flexo and digital printing technologies

This combination allows us to be competitive proposals, regardless of whether you plan to produce a large piece or circulation.

Flexography is traditionally the leading technology in the segment of flexible packaging and labels. Flexography is the only way to print, which has virtually no restrictions on the type of substrate material. Furthermore, characterized Reprints great clarity, sharpness, saturation and color tone. Main technological feature is flexible printed forms which are made promptly, have a high run length and provide fingerprint identity regardless of the material.

In recent years, the increasing popularity acquires digital label printing. The advantages of this technology should be given high detail, the ability to change data within a single print run, variable data printing, the cycle efficiency and any circulation up to a single instance.

A team of professionals

Last but not least. All of the above would not have mattered if it was not our priority, and proven creative team . The basic principle of which is unconditional customer orientation. Professional advice, constant technical development, effective management of each order, full technical support, complex service offerings, commitment to customer satisfaction every request, openness and correctness in collaboration is just a part of nice bonuses that get our customers.