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Digital printing

Many customers of printing products faced a perennial problem when there is a need for unquestionable quality product, need specific prepress, time and cost for fitting equipment and considerable circulation to all this could be done in principle. However, today business environment increasingly needs more flexibility and efficiency, of course, maintaining the highest quality. ROST printing house makes it possible.

Digital labelsDigital printing machine allows to produce any circulation (up to single copy), in a wide range of formats (up to 317x980 mm), high speed (up to 60 meters per minute), and the simple use of additional options (such as variables, or cyclical data, additional work with color). Up to seven colors including new improved white paint, which is very important for printing on metallic and transparent materials, can be used in printing.

By the way, the new machine HP Indigo ws6600 works with material thicknesses of 12-450 microns, including flexible packaging, cardboard wrapper, as well as label and shrink materials. And all these operations with stunning clarity and color reproduction, as well as the 100% exclusion errors, are possible due to the automatic quality control.

Use of liquid paint in printing equipment Electroink HP Indigo allows you to get the same high print quality as a traditional offset printing. In comparison with other digital machines, digital offset prints on HP Indigo presses have a greater saturation, brightness and contrast, linearity up to 812 dpi, clearly reproduce fine details convey all tints and shades of the original image, are the perfect combination for printing.