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Labels for alcohol products

Perhaps the most stringent requirements for the label are presented in the production of alcoholic beverages. These requirements are inextricably linked with the constantly evolving technology printing. Proper presentation of your products, at the present level of competition, is the key to a successful business. In addition, it is no secret that the quality label is an extremely effective tool to combat counterfeiting and alcohol products for the industry this aspect of the work is a priority.

Labels for cosmetics and perfumes

This industry has strict requirements and regulation, as it is closely related to human health and hygiene. Design of labels for cosmetics and perfume products requires not only aesthetic beauty and rich colors, but also informative. It is also necessary to consider the conditions of packaging, so the label must be resistant to the environment. Besides all of the above, for cosmetic packaging will be useful special opportunities labels.

Labels for food products

Food industry is one of the most difficult, due to the fact that a label is any special requirement hygiene, informative and preserve at different temperatures and exposure to water and grease. We are pleased to offer you not only a ready-made solutions, but also personal development design.

Labels for pharmaceuticals

Specificity labels for pharmaceutical industry is primarily in technical and informational content. However, with the development of self-service format in pharmacies, are gaining popularity marketing solution packages. Also very important is the question of protection against counterfeiting of medicines. These questions will decide for you quality label!

Labels for household chemistry

For manufacturers of household chemicals needed focus on the target group of consumers and brand awareness. Tool for solving these problems is the label. However, apart from this, it must be resistant to various chemicals. Special coatings and materials to help ensure the sustainability of the label.

Labels for auto chemistry

In the specific conditions of use of products autochemistry label undergoes severe physical and thermal effects. We will produce for you a special quality adhesive label on the basis of which will be resistant to temperature, wetting exposed reagents and physical influences.

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